Bucky Backup is a flexible backup and recovery solution that utilizes IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).

Available To

  • Faculty,
  • Staff,
  • Researchers


  • Fully supported and managed backup service
  • Safeguards to ensure backups are running properly and on time
  • Easy to recover lost data and files
  • Reliable, state-of-the-art infrastructure

Key Features

Service Options

  • Bucky Backup Lite - Affordable, managed backup that is great for backing up files, computers, applications and departmental servers
  • Bucky Backup Enterprise - Managed backup for enterprise applications and mission critical data
  • Bucky Backup Archive - Cost-effective, long-term archival storage

Bucky Backup flowchart


Must be a UW-Madison faculty or staff member.  To set up Bucky Backup you will need a valid DoIT Number (preferred), Project Task, or UDDS code.


Rates are based on the amount of megabytes* (backup space) used per month. Prices in the following chart have been converted to gigabytes.

Option Price
Lite ~$0.45/GB/year
Enterprise ~$3.93/GB/year
Archive ~$0.30/GB/year

* Monthly prices per MB are:
Lite: $.00008138/MB (approximately $1/GB/year)
Enterprise: $.00004/MB (approximately $6.76/GB/year)
Archive: $.00002441/MB (approximately $0.30/GB/year)

Getting Started

Please register for a Bucky Backup account before installing the Bucky Backup Tivoli Storage Manager Client. Then, follow the Bucky Backup - Getting Started guide. Contact us for assistance.