WiscMail Plus is built upon the same Oracle Messaging environment as WiscMail. WiscMail Plus accounts (user, role-based, and alias) receive the core set of WiscMail features including virus scanning, SPAM filtering, SSL password encryption, web mail access and online storage.

WiscMail Plus extends beyond these core features to offer departmental users the opportunity to localize their email administration. Domain Administrators in WiscMail Plus are delegated the authority to create, manage, and administer accounts in their domain. This service is designed for departments as a convenient alternative for running your own departmental email system.

WiscMail Plus can provide:

  • A unique mailbox totally separate from your WiscMail account (user, role-based, and alias accounts).
  • The ability to choose a custom email address.
  • Access to the Delegated Admin interface.

See the features and pricing page for more information on the different types of accounts available in WiscMail Plus.

Test-Drive WiscMail Plus for Your Department

Here’s your chance as an email administrator for your department to get accustomed to our current Delegated Administration tools as well as give your users a chance to try out WiscMail Plus email. If you are interested in having a domain temporarily assigned to you for this purpose, please request one via an email to wmplusadmins@doit.wisc.edu.

Getting Started

To discuss your department’s present email situation, or to ask questions, send an email to wmplusadmins@doit.wisc.edu.

Depending on your department’s current email situation, how you get started with WiscMail Plus will vary. The easiest way to initiate the process is by filling out a
Domain Request Form; a WiscMail Plus administrator will then contact you about how to proceed. Once your new domain has been created within WiscMail Plus, you will use the Delegated Admin interface to create user accounts and administer your domain. Other migration details will depend on your specific situation.

If you are only interested in a few accounts or a single account, the mailplus domain is the answer. These accounts are managed by the WiscMail team and give departments all the flexibility of a WiscMail Plus account, without any administration responsibilities. To obtain an account in the mailplus domain,
fill out the MailPlus Account request form; a WiscMail Plus administrator will then contact you about how to proceed.