What is a Tech Partner?

Department systems administrators, tech support staff, programmers and others with an interest in campus tech all benefit from the loose community known as Tech Partners. Whether you have an official role, or just a passing interest, you are welcome to keep up with all things UW tech through Tech Partners. At last count, about 950 people connect or stay informed through the Tech Partners listserve.

What do they do?

Tech Partners help each other out. New tech support staff might wonder how others set up shop. Someone else may be looking for advice about which tech device to purchase. Still others occasionally need to borrow old technology. All that and more are fair game for the community. The group is limited to UW-Madison faculty staff and students (no vendors). Personal criticism, soap-boxes and rants are discouraged.



This is a forum of UW-Madison computing professionals who discuss campus computing and technology issues. Discussions cover a variety of topics including: opinions about hardware and software, how-to questions, requests for resources, and the good and bad aspects of new technologies. Discussions should focus on campus interests. Subscribe to the Tech Partners listserve.

Developer tools

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) and other campus IT shops offer web-based and standalone tools to help ease tech development. Here are the known tools:

Tech Help

Use the Tech Partners archive and list to seek help with products and services not typically supported by the DoIT Help Desk.

Software licenses

The campus has licensed many software programs available to UW staff with a UW ID. Many are offered at a steep discount, or free, depending upon the arrangement. See a list of all licensed software for sale through the DoIT Tech Store.

Need advice?

In the market to buy, fix, rent, or borrow something? Whether you are helping an instructor ready course tools, or you need unique network access, contact DoIT for assistance. You can ask Tech Store staff, contact the Help Desk, or post a message to the Tech Partners list.

Special classes and events

Tech staff can choose from a variety of free and low-cost training classes. Various campus groups and vendors also offer occasional tech presentations. They are usually free of charge, and all are welcome to attend. The Tech Partners listserve and the DoIT Training and Events calendar are the best ways to keep up with what is offered.

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