WiscMail has been UW-Madison’s central email service for many years, providing email to all faculty, staff and students. UW-Madison is currently in the process of transitioning from WiscMail/WiscCal to Office 365 for email and calendaring. As campus transitions to Office 365, some individual are still using WiscMail, while others have moved to Office 365.

For more information about the transition to Office 365, please visit the Email and Calendar Transition site.

Available To

  • Students,
  • Faculty,
  • Staff


  • Free email and calendar account
  • Integrated with WiscCal

Key Features

  • Accessible via a web browser
  • Compatible with most mobile devices
  • Works with a variety of desktop clients
  • Virus protection and junk mail filtering
  • Secure authentication

Service Options

  • WiscMail is available to all students, faculty, and staff for free.
  • WiscMail Plus allows departments to purchase a domain.

See chart below for a comparison of the features available.

WiscMail vs. WiscMail Plus


Feature WiscMail WiscMail Plus
WebMail https://wiscmail.wisc.edu https://wiscmail.wisc.edu/mailplus
IMAP and POP wiscmail.wisc.edu wiscmail.wisc.edu
SMTP smtpauth.wiscmail.wisc.edu smtpauth.wiscmail.wisc.edu
Secure Logins (SSL) YES YES
Quota Unlimited Unlimited
Virus Scanning YES YES
Spam Filtering YES YES
E-Mail Address * NetID@wisc.edu you_choose@some.domain.wisc.edu
Individual User Accounts YES YES
Role Based Accounts NO YES
Alias Accounts NO YES
Delegated Admin Access ** NO YES
Backups Available NO see table below
Migration Assistance NO YES (see table below)
Price No Charge see table below

* Creation of a unique domain requires departments to maintain 10 or more WiscMail Plus accounts. Departments with less than 10 accounts will be setup in our general domain using the format username@mailplus.wisc.edu.

** The Delegated Administration interface is available to departmental domain administrators who maintain 10 or more WiscMail Plus accounts.