NOTE: The Streaming Media Service is scheduled to end on June 30, 2015. DoIT is discontinuing the service because there are other viable solutions available. Announcements will be sent to current service users from now until the service end date.


Streaming media technology enables you to put audio and video files onto a website that can be viewed by computer, tablet or smartphone. This will enrich the experience for your audience and allowing you to convey information in a more meaningful and engaging manner. Most often people add prerecorded audio & video to their websites. This is can be either user created or professionally developed content. We can also help you allow online viewers be able to listen to or view live events while they are happening as well as in an archived format after an event has taken place.

The media files hosted on a optimized streaming server managed by DoIT. Users don’t actually “download” the files, they simply see or hear them as they are streamed, allowing you can maintain stronger controls over copyrighted material. Users can also jump forward or backward to any point, as well as pause, rewind and fast-forward media clips using a VCR type control panel.

Available To

  • Faculty,
  • Staff,
  • Researchers,
  • Departments

Key Features

  • Self-service media hosting
  • Local hosting; files stay on campus
  • Customizable
  • Media accessible from variety of devices

Service Options

The basic service includes on-demand media streaming of audio or video files.

More advanced options include: live streaming, server-side file conversion to streaming compatible format, custom automated file processing for lecture capture systems, bulk upload options, adaptive bitrate streaming, analytics, NetID protected player, campus restricted content and more advanced security options to lock down content to intended audiences.


  • Faculty and staff at the UW-Madison are eligible for an account.
  • Other UW System institutions work directly with their local learning technology contact.
  • Must accept service use agreement (on form).


Option Price
Course related account subsidized/free
Basic administrative account $50/month
Extra disk space inquire

Getting Started

Review the service offering. If you wish to create a new account, consult with You will be contacted within two business days.