The My UW-Madison is a portal that provides applicants, students, faculty, staff, advisors, and instructors with a suite of integrated information resources that are tailored to their roles and interests. The portal is highly personalized and can be customized to suit one’s individual needs. Those with access simply log in with their NetID and a password to bring up their view of the portal.

Available To

  • Students,
  • Faculty,
  • Staff,
  • Researchers



  • Provides quick, easy access to personalized UW info
  • Accessible from any networked device
  • Excellent way for content providers to make their information or tools available to members of the UW-Madison community

Key Features

  • Safe access for UW NetID holders
  • UW tools and info all in one place
  • Personalized access

Service Options

My UW-Madison is the personal entry point for faculty, staff and students to access campus information at UW-Madison. It is an easy-to-use Web tool that you can “personalize” for quick access to the resources you need to meet your educational goals. It includes Web-based email and calendaring and access to the campus library catalog. You can view your course schedule and grades, add or drop classes, update your personal information and more.

You gain access to My UW-Madison when you activate your unique NetID. When you log on, My UW-Madison recognizes who you are and presents your personalized information. You get secure access to content based on your NetID.



  • Users must be a member of the UW-Madison community; evidenced by an active NetID and password.
  • Those who provide access to their tools and content through the portal need to focused on personalized content; not just web content that is available to anyone.


Option Price
Access to My UW Free
Development of My UW modules For-fee, via DoIT developers

Getting Started

End users simply go to and log in with NetID and password.

Those who wish to have their personalized content presented through My UW may contact DoIT developers at