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University of Wisconsin-Madison Web Accessibility 101 - Policy, Standards, and Design Techniques



The University of Wisconsin-Madison requires that web pages be made accessible. The University has a web accessibility policy that has been in place since November 2001. The policy incorporates guidelines, known throughout the web design industry as the Section 508 standards, plus additional requirements that are unique to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This course is intended to be a resource for:

  • individuals who are new to the University or web accessibility
  • individuals who have been with the University since the policy was initially enacted, but may have a need to refresh
  • experienced designers who wish to review the policy, standards, or a particular concept of accessible design

Regardless of your web design skill level, it is our hope that you will gather a better understanding of web accessibility through this course.

Supplementary Resources

This course provides a wealth of information about web accessibility. However, it will not be able to provide all designers with answers to everyone of the unique situations that web designers experience. Two additional resources are available that may be of great value to you.

  1. The University's web accessibility listserve. You can join and participate in the listserve for free.
  2. An instructor led course this online course is based upon. You may view details of when and where the instructor led course is offered.

Special Thanks

A special thank you to Lisa Jansen from the College of Letters and Science and to Joyce Tikalsky from the College of Engineering for your time and efforts in testing this course.

Beginning the Course

If this is your first time through this course, you may wish to take the web accessibility self-assessment. The self-assessment will serve as a warm-up before you get into the course content.

You may also skip the self-assessment and proceed directly to the course.