My UW to get a makeover

Call it an overhaul, a makeover, or a remodel–My UW-Madison is due for some major changes.

Students, staff and faculty prompted us to basically start over, evaluate every aspect of your campus experience. They began a few months ago with dozens of listening sessions from a wide variety of users. They poured over web analytics and observed and applied best practices. Content experts are reconsidering what’s essential for student, faculty and staff work. Usability pros sought user input and are working with designers to improve the interface for everything from a smartphone screen to a large monitor. Developers too are seeking ways to quickly push location- and time-based information to your screen.

When My UW was launched in 2000, the alert “You’ve Got Mail” was a big deal. The New My UW will …

* remind you of important events and deadlines
* guide you to the building and room for each of your classes
* present all your personal info in one spot
* and much more

As the team works to develop the new My UW-Madison, they’ve created a website to share their progress.

Check it out:

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