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Don’t let summer destroy your devices

smartphone on beach

The glory of nature’s elements – sun, water, sand – can be deadly to phones and tablets. So, if you plan to soak up the final rays of summer at the beach, protect your devices with the following three tips.

1.  Keep them cool.  Extreme heat is bad for mobile devices and can negatively impact its battery life, display, and other housing components. There’s even a condition called “heat-related death,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Keep your device in the shade when possible and never leave your phone on your car’s dashboard in the sun. If you are using a laptop, use a cooling pad to keep your computer from overheating.

2. Keep them clean.  It’s amazing how much damage one little grain of sand can do to your phone display or laptop screen. Use screen protectors, keyboard covers and a case to help keep sand, dirt, and dust out of your phone. Its a good idea to take the case off once in a while, and make sure there aren’t any pesky little grains still stuck in there. A more complete option is to buy a full wrap for your device.

3.  Keep them dry.  Before doing cannonballs at the pool, be sure to take your phone out of your pocket and move your laptop away from the splash zone. If you forget however, and accidentally drop your phone in water, don’t panic. Take out the battery and SIM card, then put the device in a bag or bowl of white rice to remove excess moisture.

Enjoy summer and protect your devices.