Building better habits using apps

Bloom App iconWhat have you set for your New Year’s resolutions? Eat healthier? Quit tobacco? Add more exercise time to your day or spend more time with loved ones? Whatever bad habit you’re trying to break or good habit you’re trying to incorporate into your busy life, we’ve listed some popular apps below that can help you achieve your goal.

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Lift (Positive reinforcement for improving habits)

  • iPhone—4 stars with 789 rating—free
  • Android—3.6 stars with 1,199 rating—free

Set your goal and Life provides you with steps and milestones to manage your progress. Receive daily motivation with coaching, progress tracking and reminders that help you stay on task. Receive community support from other people working towards similar goals. (By Lift Worldwide)

Healthy Habits (Premium) (Personal development)

  • iPhone—Healthy Habits—4.5 stars with 192 rating—free version limited to 3 habits
  • iPhone—Healthy Habits (Premium) —4.5 stars with 167 rating—$2.99
  • Android—Healthy Habits (Premium) —5.0 stars with 5 rating—­$0.99

Winner of the US Surgeon General’s Healthy Apps Challenge. Keeps you on track to make positive changes to your life and provides motivational messages to help you achieve your goals. Includes a large library of suggestions for bettering yourself or you can add your own! (By 2Morrow, Inc.)

iPro Habit Tracker (Personal development)

  • iPhone—not yet available
  • Android—4.5stars with 9  rating—2.99

You set measurable goals and track your habits (both good and bad). Easy to use with simple “yes/no” response or more in depth tracking over a period of time “number/day/week/month/all.” (By IntelliPro)

Bloom  (inspirational)

  • iPhone—4.5 stars with 649 rating—free
  • Android—not yet available

Combines your favorite photos with music into inspirational Blooms. View inspirational messages to help remind you of what’s important in life so you can take steps towards achieving those goals. (By Mindbloom)