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Before leaving town, take care of (UW) business

Graduating? Starting a whole new chapter in life? Or just going somewhere for the summer? Before you depart, don’t overlook some details that can save you money now and could make life easier down the road.

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UW students will lose WiscMail and other NetID-related services approximately six months after graduation. While you still have it, tend to some really important details:

  • Buy software and tech supplies – While you’re enrolled, you can buy popular software at incredible discounts through WISC and take advantage of great deals on cables, laptops, iPods, and more at the DoIT Tech Store. All Tech Store eligibility ends on graduation day for seniors.
  • Find a new email service – If you don’t already have an alternate email service, select one for life after UW. Options include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and a free service for UW graduates from the UW Alumni Association.
  • Forward your emailForward your WiscMail email to another account to make sure you can still read it and respond to it.
  • Close out your UW-Madison Google Apps account – Got any UW Google Apps content? You’ll want access to it after you leave the University, so set up a personal Google account and share your content with it, before your NetID is deactivated.
  • What about your transcript? – After graduation, you might need a transcript for a job or grad school. Before ordering your transcript, first check your Student Center to confirm your degree has been posted.
  • Setup eduroameduroam provides secure, free wireless access throughout the UW-Madison campus and thousands of locations worldwide.

If you’re coming back to school next fall, get ready for summer by stocking up on computing gear and accessories at the DoIT Tech Store.

Get more details on what you need to do before you leave.