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Back up your photos, coursework and more with CrashPlan

CrashPlan: Automatic Online Backup

If you’re looking for a cloud service to store and back up your personal photos, videos, class projects, papers, and other important documents, CrashPlan might be the perfect fit for you. UW-Madison students, faculty and staff can backup their personal data to CrashPlan at a discount.

This easy-to-use service encrypts and backs up your files automatically; and it allows you to back up to (and restore your files from) other computers and external hard drives. You can also access your files from a mobile device.

Choose from the Unlimited and Family Unlimited plans (1-4  year plans) starting as low as $4/month and qualify for the 25% UW-Madison discount. You must purchase the subscription from the CrashPlan UW-Madison store front to receive the discount.

Visit this help document for details on getting started, documentation and support information.