Apps to help Madison allergy sufferers

Woman with allergies

Many equate summer months with picnics, hikes and blossoming trees and flowers. The rest of us endure the season begrudgingly with allergy-induced symptoms. While Madison ranks among the worst in terms of allergies, Dr. Mark Moss, UW Health allergist, says few cities in the U.S. offer a reprieve. Thankfully you do not need to suffer any longer. Check out these five apps so you, too, can stop and smell the roses.

  1. Allergy Advisor – check the local weather and pollen forecast every morning while keeping track of your symptoms over time. Available for iOS. Cost: FREE
  2. Allergy Track – enter your allergies and symptoms and this app graphs it for you. Take daily notes while tracking your allergies and symptoms, and this app graphs it for you. Bring your notes to your next doctor’s appointment. Available for iOS and Android. Cost: FREE
  3. ZocDoc – Locate allergists near you and the types of insurance they accept. Book your appointment directly from the app. ZocDoc serves select cities across the U.S. Available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Cost: FREE
  4. RxmindMe Prescription / Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker
    Send helpful reminders of which medicines you should take and when. You can take photos of your pills for a visual cue. You can also send yourself appointment reminders, which is particularly helpful for those of us who meet weekly with our allergists. Available for iOS. Cost: FREE
  5. AroundMe
    When you need a pharmacy NOW, AroundMe can show you where they’re located.  Available for iOS and Android. Cost: FREE