Download and Install WiscVPN

Operating System Software Download Directions
Windows 7 & 8 32-bit Download (login required) Directions
Vista, Windows 7 & 8 64-bit Download (login required) Directions
Mac OS 10.6 Download (login required) Directions
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop Download (login required) None
Ubuntu 9.x and 10.x Download (login required) None

*WARNING: If you are using WiscVPN on your machine, be sure to have a host-based firewall running.

About WiscVPN

There are a variety of campus network resources (e.g., protected department applications) that can only be accessed by campus-based computers. When you use a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Charter or TDS, your network traffic carries an Internet Protocol (IP) address from that vendor, which may prevent you from accessing these resources.

WiscVPN (Virtual Private Network) software allows eligible users to access these restricted resources even though they are using a commercial ISP. It accomplishes this by establishing an encrypted tunnel between a home/remote PC and the campus network. All campus-bound traffic is routed through the tunnel with a campus IP address, making that traffic appear to be originating from on-campus.

VPN also encrypts data while it is in transit, both through regular and wireless networks. Since wireless networks are notoriously insecure, using VPN can give you another layer of security and protection, particularly when you’re sending sensitive information.

By default, WiscVPN provides a dynamically assigned IP address, meaning that you will get a different IP every time you log in. If you need your IP address to stay the same when you log in, WiscVPN has a Static IP service available. Static WiscVPN is limited to departmental use only. Please see the Static IP page for more information.

Please note, a new flavor of VPN (Virtual Private Network) is available for OSX, Vista 64 bit and Windows 7. The product is the Cisco AnyConnect Client. If you are already a WiscVPN user, you do not have to upgrade from the old client software, as that version will continue to work and be supported.

Please read the FAQs before downloading. You must have a NetID and Internet access to use WiscVPN.

Computers outside of the UW network are denied access to the VPN client machine while connected to the VPN service. This means that if the client machine is running a web server or Remote Desktop, these local services are not reachable on the client machine from outside of the UW campus network.