Network Services is comprised of five groups:

The Infrastructure Network Group is responsible for all fiber optic, copper and coax cabling as well as the telecommunication rooms used to support the Campus Network. They develop standards and manage activities related to new construction, remodeling and network upgrade projects.  Our Operational Engineering Group also reports here.  The operational engineers are front line network problem solvers who work on cases created via the Help Desk or Network Operations Center.

Field Services provides onsite support of the campus network equipment and infrastructure.  In most cases this work is performed in collaboration with department Authorized Agents.

The Network Applications Group manages our Centrex (phone) contact, voice mail services and the state cell phone contract.  They deliver cable TV content to campus and mange our online TV service (DATN).   This group is also home to specialized network application programming staff who support various network-centric applications across all of our groups.

Campus Network Services is home to the engineers who design the campus network, including our backbone, wireless, firewall and VPN systems.   They work closely with various group to assure the network is always available and meeting your needs.

The Wide Area Network group manages our connectivity to the outside world, including commercial Internet and research network access (Internet 2).  They also work closely with campus researchers who move Big Data.

If you have questions about any network service, contact the Help Desk at (608) 264-HELP or visit us online.