WiscList is a self service e-mail distribution list system which allows University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty, staff and students to construct and maintain their own e-mail distribution lists using powerful list distribution software.

WiscList now offers a place to browse lists that have been made publicly visible. This feature lends a unique voice to your lists by providing a place to advertise the purpose of your lists, display some list details, and provides member subscription links all in one place. To learn more about making a list viewable to the public and open to subscriptions please see Public Lists.

With WiscList, you can create four types of mailing lists:

Announcement Lists

A one way communication typically used to distribute information about a service, an event, a newsletter or other noteworthy information. Only the individuals you grant privileges to can send e-mail to the list, regular members will be rejected.

Feedback / Open Discussion Lists

Allows anybody to post to the mailing list, even non-members. Only members of the list will see the posts, providing a quick and easy way to send feedback to a group of people.

Moderated Discussion Lists

Only members may post and receive list messages. Before a post is sent to the list, it must be approved by a moderator, appointed by the list administrator. Moderators may also edit posts. Moderating the list will assure discussions stay on-topic.

Unmoderated Discussion Lists

Only members may post and receive list messages. Posts are not screened before they are sent to the list. This type of list avoids the interruption of discussions due to moderating.

If these lists do not fit your needs, WiscList allows you to tweak them to your exact specifications. With personalization and scripting support, WiscList can provide you with a custom mailing list that can practically run itself!

For more information:

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