The following requirements must be met in order to use the Mass Email
service. Contact Mass Email if you have any questions. Please note, DoIT does not check messages for errors. You are solely responsible for the content, design/formatting, and editing of the message.

  1. Sender must be a UW-Madison faculty, staff member, or the primary student contact of a registered student organization, including affiliated
    UW-Madison individuals (e.g., System Administration, UW-Extension).
  2. Email content must be relevant to UW-Madison’s mission
    of teaching, research, public service, or student involvement.
  3. Email must comply with the policy governing
    Use of UW Information Technology Resources.
  4. Email cannot be sent for personal purposes or gain.
  5. Email must be related to the programs or operations of the University.
    Email can include ticket prices for UW-Madison events.
  6. You should submit your request for service 7 days prior to the date
    of your desired mailing.
  7. Email messages will be sent out Monday through Thursday. Large mailings
    (>15K addresses) may be sent during non-peak hours. Smaller mailings
    may be sent during the day, at the discretion of the service provider.
  8. Email subject line must be descriptive.
  9. Body of email must contain sender’s name and department affiliation.
  10. Size of email should not be excessively long.
  11. If your content is in a Word Document then all of the content must be in the body of the document. Nothing should reside either in the header or footer sections as these will be ignored and lost.
  12. If sending a text-only message, the mass email service does not
    support sending attachments (e.g., MS Word document). An option
    is to include a hyperlink in your electronic message that will link
    to a specially formatted (PDF, MSWord, etc.) file that resides on
    a web server. See our advanced features page for additional options.
  13. If you are sending a text-only message, you cannot use embedded hyperlinks. However you can include a link by following this example: “Register here for the conference <>”
  14. The line length of your message should not exceed 76 characters.
    This will increase the likelihood that the formatting of your message
    will remain as you’ve intended.
  15. Hyperlinks should include the fully qualified http protocol to assure that most recipients will see an “active” link
    in your message. It is also a good idea to enclose URLs with less than (<) and greater than (>) symbols to avoid problems with word wrapping, which will break the link. For example,
  16. Changes can be made to the message, the date, and the audience up until 24 hours before the message is scheduled to be sent. If your message is scheduled to go out before noon on Monday, you have until noon on Friday to make any changes.