Learn@UW is a collection of software tools enabling instructors to create course web sites with state-of-the-art communication, collaboration, content delivery and student assessment capabilities. Learn@UW can be used to develop stand-alone online courses for distance education, or for creating resource a smiling professor holding up a computerrich web sites to supplement campus courses. Students access course materials within Learn@UW via a standard web browser.

Learn@UW course web sites provide students with a customized and personalized online learning experience. Instructors can use a variety of features including the following:

  • A home page and web site for each course
  • Password protection and authentication for enrolled students
  • Online quizzes, surveys and tests
  • Threaded discussions and chat groups
  • Document storage, sharing, and management
  • A course event calendar
  • A grade book
  • Integration with My UW-Madison

Course Management and Administration Tools
Learn@UW also includes a variety of course management tools for faculty and instructional staff. These include utilities for student enrollment, grade submissions, and course integration with student and campus information systems. The course authoring environment also has a repository for storing learning objects such as FLASH movies, images, and media files. These can be shared between courses and between instructional staff.