Tech News

TechNews is a biweekly email synopsis of technology-related issues sent by DoIT to faculty and staff. It has easy-to-understand tips for making the most of technology, from safe computing practices and free classes to software features and shortcuts. Most of the tips and resources in TechNews are free.

Information Technology ListServes

Tech Partners

Tech Partners is a forum of more than 900 UW-Madison computing professionals who discuss campus computing and technology issues online. Discussions cover a variety of topics including opinions about hardware and software, how-to questions, requests for resources, and the good and bad aspects of new technologies.

Community of Educational Technology Support (ComETS)

ComETS is a UW-Madison technology support community of those who are involved with teaching and learning with technology (e.g., instructional designers, multimedia experts, IT administrators). They come together online and through meetings and brown bag presentations to network with one another and share expertise and resources.

RSS Feeds and Podcasts

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are a method of distributing simplified Web content (generally in text form) to users. Users can “subscribe” to different RSS feeds and podcasts to be automatically notified and receive new news content when it is posted.

Digital Academic Television Network (DATN)

DATN delivers live digital television broadcasts from nearly 20 different stations, including NASA, C-SPAN and the Weather Channel. Service is available only in areas of campus served by the campus network.

CIO and DoIT Web Sites

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) for UW-Madison oversees and coordinates campus-wide technology services. The CIO Web site has information on campus-wide technology initiatives and services. While many of these services are provided by DoIT, some are hosted or managed by other departments. As the primary source for campus information technology resources, the DoIT site contains helpful information, including an online version of this guide, links to the Help Desk Knowledge Base, the Tech Store, breaking technology news, classes and events, streaming broadcasts and software downloads.

Social Media

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