Computer Labs and Kiosks

With more than 1,000 Windows and Mac computers, campus computer labs
provide access to the Internet and popular software programs. The labs also offer scanners, video editing equipment, color printers
and other resources. There are also more than 20 departmental
computer labs
and nearly 100 conveniently located kiosks on campus, as well
as training labs available for half- and full-day rental.
In addition, the Digital Media Center at the Biotechnology Center (425 Henry Mall) assists
faculty, staff and graduate students in integrating multimedia technology into teaching and research.

Wireless Access

Over 90% of students and three-quarters of faculty and staff use laptop computers at UW-Madison. If you are one of them, the
campus wireless network can help you stay connected. All you need is a
NetID and a laptop with a wireless network card. Just open your laptop and browser, click on the wireless network link, and log
on. You’re never more than a short walk from wireless access.

Remote Access

Note: The dial-in modem pool will be discontinued on
July 1, 2011. Please see this page for more information

DoIT does not provide Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or Cable Modem service, but there are several commercial service providers
in the area available for a monthly fee. For dial-in service, DoIT provides over 1,000 56K modems. You pay only for the phone
service, but if you are calling from outside the local calling area, you will incur long distance charges.

Access to Campus IT Systems

Many UW-Madison academic departments and business units rely on easy access to a variety of IT systems to support their daily
work. These systems are hosted and maintained by multiple providers across campus, and each system has its own unique process
for requesting and obtaining access. The Access to Campus IT Systems Web page
consolidates information about the systems most frequently used for administrative tasks and provides links to the appropriate
access request forms.

Campus IT Outages

DoIT has created a Web site to publish information about planned and unplanned outages of campus IT services hosted by the DoIT Data Center. The site will help departments, IT staff and end users plan for and understand when and why services are unavailable.