Cover - Computing and information tech guide - essentials for UW-Madison Faculty, Staff and Campus departmentsThe Division of Information Technology (DoIT) builds and supports computing technologies at UW-Madison, ranging from instructional, informational security and system-wide administrative applications, to high-speed networks, telephone services and end-user support. We strive to offer contemporary products and services that are easy to use and focused on what faculty, staff and students tell us they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Check out the Computing Essentials Guide for an overview of the information technology (IT) services that are available to UW-Madison employees and departments, many at little or no cost. This publication is not intended to reflect all of the IT services available on campus. For more information about campus IT, visit the Office of the CIO Web site at

Please note that some campus departments have their own IT administrators who manage computing resources for departmental employees. You should always check with your administrator (if applicable) before installing software or reconfiguring your work computer.