The Division of Information Technology provides enterprise-level data center services to UW-Madison and UW System. Two Data Center facilities (one staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week) maintain the connectivity of the UW-Madison campus network and monitor other networks such as BOREAS-Net, a regional network that serves UW-Madison and research institutions in Minnesota and Iowa.

DoIT’s Data Centers maintain more than 500 physical servers and about 500 virtual servers. This equipment supports such critical services as:

  • the campus Web portal (My UW-Madison)
  • email systems (WiscMail)
  • payroll, budget and accounting systems
  • UW System’s course management system (Learn@UW)
  • calendaring
  • The campus’s Web-accessible system for storing and sharing files (My WebSpace)
  • campuswide backup system (Bucky Backup)

DoIT’s Data Centers maintain high standards for security, access control, and reliability. The Data Centers’ redundant infrastructure provides a high level of service availability. Backup systems are in place for cooling and electric power. Generators and uninterruptible power supplies provide backup in the event of utility power failure. Backup cooling water systems are available in the event of a failure of the campus chilled water supply.

DoIT’s Data Centers encompass more than 13,000 square feet of space. The two facilities require 425 kilowatts of electrical service. To maintain a stable and productive operating environment, the Data Centers are cooled by equipment providing 114 tons of refrigeration, or about 1.4 million BTU per hour.

The Data Centers house an Enterprise Data Storage Service that is fast, reliable and economical for a wide range of applications. With a capacity of more than 400 terabytes, DoIT’s enterprise storage is mirrored to a remote site to provide disaster recovery.