There are several payment options when making purchases from DoIT. These vary depending on whether you are purchasing for your department or making a personal purchase. For departmental purchases, DoIT strongly recommends setting up a DoIT Number.  Alternately, you can use a Purchasing Card (Pro Card) for purchases. For personal purchases, personal credit cards, cash and personal checks are accepted.

Departmental Purchases

  • DoIT Numbers
    Using DoIT Numbers enables UW-Madison departmental customers to easily purchase from DoIT with a single number that is assigned to account-specific funding information. Most DoIT services and products, including items from the DoIT Tech Store, can be purchased with DoIT Numbers allowing for quick and easy transactions.
  • Funding Strings
    Funding strings are account-specific sets of numbers including business unit, DDS, fund, grant/project, program code and account code. A funding string can be used to create a DoIT Number for UW-Madison departments. If a DoIT Number is not an option for your needs, please contact for assistance with purchasing with a funding string.
  • Purchase Orders
    Purchase orders are generated by non UW-Madison departments, state agencies or other entities for purchases from DoIT. Purchase orders should include customer and billing information, phone number and information about the item(s) to be purchased. Purchase orders should be sent to: DoIT Billing, 1210 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53706.
  • Purchasing Cards (ProCards)
    DoIT accepts ProCards for most products and services at the DoIT Tech Store. ProCards are VISA cards issued by US Bank and assigned to a specific UW employee and tied to University funding.

Personal Purchases

  • Cash and Personal Checks
    Cash and personal checks are accepted at the DoIT Tech Store for personal purchases. (A $20 fee is assessed on all bank returned checks.)
  • Credit Cards
    The DoIT Tech Store accepts personal credit cards for personal purchases.
  • Wiscard (Campus Cash)
    You can also make purchases at the DoIT Tech Store with your Wiscard, your official UW-Madison identification card which may be linked to a Campus Cash account where you can deposit money to spend, similar to a prepaid card. Get more information on Wiscard.